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Thursday, March 12, 2015

JOHNNIE WALKER BLUE LABEL presents Jude Law in 'The Gentleman's Wager'

You may watch this now and think, "Sam, this was published last year. You're a little late to the party." Perhaps. Or perhaps that after a few days of sitting at home with my eyes focused on LinkedIn and Indeed I needed a little respite. YouTube is a great little escape, if you know what you're looking for.

I love Johnnie Walker scotches. Blue Label is a rare treat; much like this video. It has everything you could possibly want in a 6 minute clip - beautiful scenery, a boat, great clothes, talented actors, beautiful dancers, amazing music, and of course the scotch, itself.

I typically stick to Black Label or Double Black. I like the smokiness of the latter. Sure, I enjoy my share of single malts, but I still love my JW.

Johnnie Walker teamed up with menswear site Mr. Porter on a collaboration based on the clothes in the video, and many of the items (sorry, no scotch) are still available for purchase.

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